HTML Elements and Structures Linking at will

Whats the point of wrapping an image link into a text link just to see an image. Can you just take an image link into the anchor tag and get the same results?

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Hey there @data2191490120 and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not quiet sure I understand your question. Could you give me an example?
If you want to make an image function as a link all you have to do is wrap an <img> inside <a> tags:

<a href="file path">
  <img src="picture file path">

If you are only trying to show the picture as the link there is not need for wrapping it in a text link.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I was confused on the function of and tag wraped in a tag. I know understand that it turns a image into a way to access a link.


I got it.

If you only want to display the image than there is no reason to add the <a> tag.

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If you put the URL of the image into a link, all that will happen when you click it is a new page will open with the image at the top left, and the rest will be blank.

The idea of having a link around an image is to use the image as a call to action of some sort. The image may be a thumbnail and link may be to a full size image in a gallery.

Clicking a picture of trainers might take you to a product page where you can choose size, color, quantity and add it to your cart.

The range of usage is boundless, but very practical in dev terms.

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