HTML Does not show the heading of the page


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The code below does not show my title untill i write STRONG in the place of TITLE

``` The Less Ignorant

The title of this is less ignorant

The title seems a bit interesting

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You sure? because i workd for me just fine without STRONG.
try to reload the page and if doesn’t work, try to log out and in and see if it works.

It appear’s to work if you use strong tags in css but not html.

I tried to restart the programme but it did not

Please help

You won’t be able to see the results of <title> </title> because you are inside the Codecademy learning environment. If you write this code in a file, save it on your computer and view it in your web browser then you will see the title in the tab.

You should try it and see. This is what I see when I try it:

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