Html & css

Hello,I need advice on how to compile the code.

Go nuts with your lists within lists! The only requirement is that you have at least one ordered list(<ol>) and one unordered list (<ul>).

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Dominik Jursa</title>
	<img src="" />
	<li>Favorite Quotes</li>
	<li>Favorite Quotes</li>
	<li>Favorite Quotes</li>

you do not to compile a thing. But anyway, a list tag (<li></li>) always needs a ordered list (<ol></ol>) or a unordered list (<ul></ul>) as parent:

  <li>i am a ordered list</li>

i don’t see any unordered/ordered list in your code. This exercises goes even further, you need nested list as well, see information of this exercise, or list within list from html basic 2 (link)

Thank you very much!