HTML CSS not linking

I just can’t get my CSS linked to my HTML here’s the linking code:

You forgot to paste the code.

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link href=“style.css” type=“text/css” rel="stylesheet"
Sorry, I guess these comments are able to be written in html, thats why it didnt paste, put </> in between the code I put

i believe your href is wrong if i recall correctly your linking to a local file so it should be link href="./style.css"
the ./ indicates to look for the file in the server dir

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I copied and pasted the code from one of my Css lessons It should be right

are you trying to link it in the codecademy editor or in your own site if its your own site then double check that the .css file it in the same dir as the .html file if not then you’ll need to provide the address to the file for example (href=“c:/websites/style.css”) or wareever you have your files located but if its in the editor then it should have worked

and don’t forget the <> i’m shur you used them just didn’t see them in the code you provided.

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