HTML && CSS navbar invisible space?

Hello ,

While making the top navbar for a website Iam working on , I’ve come across this issue where
the window is much wider than what it should be (you can scroll sideways) .

The page expands to the right when it should end where the CSS ends.

Could you help me understand why? Here’s the link for my work so far :

Hi there,

Problem seems to come from ul transform translate.

header p has the same issue, as it also uses transform translate.

I’d personally look into another way to place elements where you want them to appear. I don’t think transform translate was ever intended for such purpose.

Keep going!

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Okay , thank you !!

I’ll look into that!

The reason why I use transform translate it’s because it seems to be so precise and I can exactly put things where I want , but it seems it has some side effects unfortunately. :frowning:

Do you suggest any other tools as usefull as this one but without the side effects ?