HTML & CSS- Lesson 26. Links & decorations - Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;?


HTML code:


Anything you want!

Any text you like in there


CSS code:

font-family:Garamond, Serif;
border:1px solid #4682b4;
color: #cc0000;
text-decoration: none;

I have tried to proceed past this lesson but I can't get the code to work, I've tried w/ & w/o the link after 'a' and the actual test screen shows that the code works but I keep getting the message :Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;? and I don't know if it's the code or Codeacademy glitching.

I have a problem with Links and text decoration

HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>
	    <link type="text/css"; rel="stylesheet"; href="stylesheet.css" />
	    <h1>Anything you want!</h1>
	    <p>Any text you like in there</p>
	    <img src="" />
	    <a href="">Google!</a>


Even after i have written the correct code i.e., setting text-decoration to none, it's still showing "oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;? "


Can any one suggest me the solution for this issue?


A friend of mine found out what was wrong with my code, I accidentally put a '/' after the 'img src' line which messed up my code, it seems to have fixed the code removing it


Use another browser. This seems to be a problem with Google Chrome, so it's best to avoid using it when dealing with text-decoration.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion:). I have tried Internet Explorer too, but still facing same issue :frowning:
my HTML code..



CSS code....

color: #cc0000;
text-decoration: none;


I am also having this problem and i am unable to move forward.


Yep. Same problem. Did anyone manage to fix it??


I just had this problem. Changed from Chrome to Safari and it worked!


@digitalrunner34318 @zmbezi43 It worked when I use Microsoft Edge. Not so sure about other browsers.


add space between the full colons and none,; it worked with my chrome


Nope, It's not working!


It worked when I changed to IE


Still it's not working:( .I have tried both IE & Chrome:confused: .
Can anyone please help me to fix this issue so that i can move forward with the course


it worked in IE :slight_smile: ....Thanks for your suggestions..
have a gud day.. :slight_smile:


I had the same problem it worked after I used the same code in a different browser (Microsoft Edge)


Yep. That worked for me too! Guess it's safari for the rest of the course...


ok that's great and all. but I'm on a chrombook. so, what now?


I run into the same issue just now, and can confirm when opened on Firefox, it worked fine. Thanks for the suggestion, as i was breaking my eyes looking for an error on my side.