Html & css Lesson 13 HELP!

Im Stuck at Lesson 13 Can somebody help me

cant figure out the right code to type lol

CAn you post your html and css code? and i’ts better if you format your code

just type in the string hit control key plus o key then enter to finish saving type clear followedmby the enter key . after that just type ruby ruby then the program name followed by enter

this is also a question for the command line section not html

wrong attachment sorry wrong attachment my question is on html & css

Between the tags, add two images using the tag. One should be a link; the other should not. The link can go anywhere you want.
After your two images, create a link that’s just a line of text. It can link anywhere you want.

That is the Instruction on Lesson 13 of HTML and CSS

can you post your code so we can have a look?

here is the code/instructions

I am confused on using the img with link and img with out link

uhm nevermid I figured it out already . thanks guys for the response though ! :hamburger: