HTML & CSS lesson 12.Background color

Hello, recently I started to learn HTML and I have got a bug. Basically I cant finish lesson number 12. Background color at HTML Basics II.
I should 01.Change the background color of the tag to brown. To do so, add the style attribute to the opening tag, similar to the example above.
Change the background color of the

    tag to yellow.
    And I did it, but when I try to Save & Submit Code, it says Ooops, try again. Make sure you set the bodys background-colo to brown.

    Here is my code

    I kept doing lessons afterwards but when I open codecademy it always takes me to that lesson… Any solution?
    Thank you.

Hi you didn’t close the <ol></ol>and <body></body> ist missing the > on the first one

Thank you for you fast reply, problem solved.