HTML/CSS ... jQuery FINAL PROJECTS on the way


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Hi here’s my final project HTML/CSS and JS/jQuery I keep on keeping on and will for sure update it but feel free to give me some feedback, I’m clearly aware of most flaws, some bad noob UI Design, particularly in responsive mobile size (if you have to click like ten times a link to open it because it’s too tiny it’s no good lol…) and other real badnoob practice not MVC enough I mean, eating bandwith for nothing, I even have to minify the style script and html files still and should quickly separate the sections of the site to avoid repeating them on each page… that’s a shame I know… and entire other sites I hosted with it so they could be navigated… pfiuuu but there is still so much to learn working on this at the same time… BUT I’m still working on it, and it is what it is for now… I spent time and worked hard on it so thought I had to deploy it as is, like a milestone, to come back to, I hope you like it anyway, even before the updates fixing all those “badnoobries” :wink:, thanks.


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There may a couple of proprietary concerns, but I like the design. The graphic is from the title sequence of a Netflix series, Marco Polo, perhaps? The music I’m not sure of, yet, nice segment, but do you have the rights to use it on a web facing page? What is that piece, btw?

as per the graphic, it was a video “spill” something free on pixabay, I turned it into a gif, so no, as per the instrumental version of the audio it was free to download so I surely hope so…

for the music you might be right, it’s an instrumental version of “where is my mind” by the Pixies but still… it’s not like pixabay I will check this quickly ! thks btw

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When in doubt, don’t. Don’t use anything that isn’t copyright cleared and have it in writing. Your ISP gets the take-down notice, not you. And that’s just the start of it. Something to always keep in mind. You are afterall in spitting distance of Bern.

well… I guess I’ll sing it myself in this case [:frowning:] thanks for the advice.

Or I’ll just ask Maxence Cyrin… it is free to listen to on soundcloud and spotify directly from him and I’ve already bought it on itunes so… maybe he’ll accept… [:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:]

Do you think this free link to share as we wisht (fb, twitter, etc) plus the link he provides himself would do ?

Where is my mind (The Pixies cover) - SoundCloud
Stream Where is my mind (The Pixies cover) by Maxence Cyrin from desktop or your mobile device


Thanks for your advice, and possibly avoiding me troubles I really don’t want to have, even if I’ve had 3 visitors so far, 2 of them beings googlebots… lol!

I’ve fixed this. And you were right about the music, you have to put an enormous ugly soundcloud iframe (which mininum size takes about an eighth of the height and 100% of the width on your page, yuk :wink:

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you !

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Thanks for the link. It really me out!