HTML & CSS -- HTML Basics 1 - 11

Can exercise 11 of html basic 1 (link) get a upgrade? There are two problems, the first one is the closing of the image with /> and the space before />, this won’t work:

<img src="#">

this won’t work either:

<img src="#"/>

you really need:

<img src="#" />

The other issue is this one:

<img src= "#" />

you can’t have a space between src= and "#", bit difficult for people who are new, since html + css is a good course to begin with


Thanks buddy, I was having troubles with this one! I must have tried half a dozen times without understanding what I did wrong before comming to the forum :grimacing:

Is it a problem with the course, or is the space before the closing tag necessary?

I was looking into it, but then stuff happened, and i haven’t resumed it since. Well, i looked at SCT (submission correctness test) (script that check your code) the space and the slash are required, but the error message which should indicate this, seems not to working. I will look into it if i have time