HTML + CSS = How?

How can you combine a HTML document and a CSS document?


I’m referring to the link


You can put CSS inside an html tag like this.

selector {
properties: values;

You can include CSS in HTML

<link rel="stylesheet" type="css/text" href="stylesheet.css">

Thank you. Guess JavaScript and jQuery work the same way, just in JavaScript.

P.S. Khan Academy (another learning site) made me learn some of JavaScript.

I think I will use

 `<link rel="stylesheet" type="css/text" href="stylesheet.css">`

You will have to name your CSS file stylesheet.css and make sure to have your HTML and CSS in the same folder

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Yes, I knew "stylesheet.css" as the name. I should rename it for "CSS.css" or something…

You can rename it whatever you want to… Always include .css and your css file needs to be named that :slight_smile: