Html / css front end path new tags>

Hello everyone, im a fellow learner of html css and rest on the career path of Front End Developing. I have done 85% of html and css of free courses many years ago when i had discovered the codecademy and i finished them after some projects that needed to have the knowledge of the rest (100% course) to be familiar with everything that the project concept was about. Right now im on “Learning Text Design” part of the path and i was starting to realize that many things on html or css side of those “exercises” are not familiar with my knowladge or im missing something.
Some examples :
<main role>, aria-label, box-shadow: and many others.

My question here is, am i missing any knowledge here from another course outside of this path or “did i accidently skip any lesson from this path / was meant to be for another lesson later?”

Thanks in advance.