HTML & CSS Final Project!


Just finished my final project in HTML & CSS. Here's my site:


the navigation menu has some overlap on smaller screens:

And you might want to compress the image so it loads faster


Thanks! How would you recommend fixing the nav bar? Also, what's the best way to compress the images?

Really appreciate the tips!!


I like it! good job!


you can read about compression here, there are only tools or programs you can install. Just try to see what loads fast but that the image doesn't get to bad.

Uhm.. don't know? I would have to look, you can try yourself first? If you need help because you can't figure it out, i will dive into it and see what i can find


Thank you! I'm learning!


Sorry, that is rude of me. I forget to include that it looks good, and that this where just some tips for further improvement


Ha, not rude at all my friend. I really do appreciate the tips!