HTML & CSS FINAL PROJECT your feedback is very important!

That’s the web page and here’s the code that I hope you can and will modify

<In what way does your code behave incorrectly? Include ALL error messages.>


Replace this line with your code.

<do not remove the three backticks above>

Hey there!

It’s looking good so far.

Be aware that on large desktop screens, your gorgeous background image doesn’t display properly. All I see is the sky :slight_smile:

Good use of Bootstrap; You do however need to make your menu items properly responsive as well as they currently collapse and break out of the navigational bar on smaller devices.

The design can be improved on but for a first attempt it’s great!

Keep up the good work! :champagne:


Your web is looking good but as per the Current Situations here the trend is for Responsive website.and your website is not responsive so you need to use Bootstrap Classes and functions.
And also color Combination is play an very important role for any web application. So, You need to take care about it.

Divyesh padamani

Thank you for your feedback!
I kinda know how I can make it more responsive. But I have no idea how I can fix that problem with background image. So if you could help me out with that, that would be awesome! Thank you in advance.

You could read about background and see all the possibility’s you have

You’ve got a number of options open to you.

The easiest would be to set breakpoints in your CSS to display a certain image based upon the viewport size.

Check this out; I use it all the time! :smiley:

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