HTML & CSS - CSS: An Overview - 22. HTML + CSS = BFFS: <link/> tag error

  1. HTML + CSS = BFFS

First, it started with does your rel refer to “stylesheet” or something along those lines.
Naturally I got confused looked it up couldn’t really find anything.

I removed the link tag entirely and put just “link” then it said "Did you remember to put your link/ tags?

Then I did the link tag like this link/ type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet” href=“stylesheet.css” and it passed me

My apologies for not noting down the previous error, I thought I was the one making an error, not the course.

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Hi Roel,

Thanks for the bug report. The code checker’s responses could definitely be improved there. The good news is that these older courses are in the process of being rewritten. The bad news is that means that all fixes for them are on hold.

Hello Judy,

Thanks for the reply. Alright noted if I find any other ones I’ll still post them though. Hopefully this topic can be of use to someone struggling just as I did.