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I have a problem with HTML & CSS browser courses in the HTML & CSS Part 1: 6. Styling CSS (Fonts). My issue is that the browser don’t load at all.
What the solution?

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I dont see the issue
you have wifi and are connected

Yeah I know but the right side browser don’t load at all and I can’t see any results. That’s my issue.

Did you try using another browser?

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Yes I did and I had the same issue.

if another app like skype is using that port, try stopping that process. Open the cmd line as administrator, then netstat -bano | FINDSTR 8000
If you will see the name of the process using that port. The PID is on the right.
Then taskkill /PID XXX

No, there’s no such a thing.
What’s the solution?

Hi again! The other area to check is your pc firewall. Codecamedy workflow makes a connection to amazonaws (their cloud provider). As a first (and temporary) check to see if this is the problem, disable your firewall. Test again. It will now work. However you will need activate your firewall again, and decrease the settings until you can talk to amazonaws. Best Regards, Mort

As a last resort, to find out if the problem exists within your pc only, try logging in to Codecademy from another computer, tablet or workstation. If the webpage shows correctly when you navigate to the same place in the course, then the problem is within your pc. Disable all programs that normally start when you boot up. Task manager (run taskmgr) will confirm that no other apps are running. Log in to Codecademy - success?
Another approach is to recover from an image taken before all your other apps were installed. You need just Chrome and Github. Regards, Mort

Looks like you may have resolved the issue. Could I propose a new behavior for you and the entire class? Please, please reply with your solution. For every person with a problem, there are ten others (now or in the future) who have or will have the problem. I see many posts in this group like “I solved the problem, thank you”. This does not move the group forward. Please take a moment to contribute your solution. Best Regards, Mort

I tried this and it didn’t solve the problem too. The last exercises didn’t have the same issue.
Thank you at all.

I tried this too and it wasn’t the solution again

No, I didn’t.
I’ll do it when I find the solution.
Thanks for your solutions

Hi Kasra,I’m glad the subsequent exercises are working for you.Best Regards, Mort

Is there anybody who can help me?

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