HTML & CSS Course Completion Disappeared?!


I’m sorry but I’m not sure where to post this? But I have completed the HTML & CSS course back in like 2015, and it even said on my profile that I had completed the skill, however now my account says that I have completed 0 skills?
Its rather frustrating as I use my skills completed and progress bars as a form of motivation to keep going and now it has just vanished?

Could this be because of the upgrade option and the fact that I haven’t completed the pro courses or whatnot?



Codecademy just released revised versions of most (if not all their courses) The previous HTML & CSS course that you completed has been replaced by two separate courses. Anyone that is in the process of completing it will lose access on the 20th or 21st of this month (I think that’s what the message kept saying before I finished it))

Not that it helps you out any, sorry.

New Course Set up


to extend @designsolver96976 answer, the new courses contain additional content (html5, css3 and more) as explained the blog:

this update affected progress, at the other hand, you can learn more and new things :slightly_smiling_face:

good luck :slight_smile:


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