HTML & CSS course- Code submission error


Dear Friends,

While going through my course HTML and CSS, in session 11. Adding images I came across to this error(displayed to the images attached); though I've verified my syntax but still could not came across the solution for it.
I need an help; and would appreciate it.



can we verify your syntax as well? please post your code.

This exercises requires you to use xml syntax, which means you need to close your image with a slash, and a space before the slash, like so:

<img src="#" />


I forgot to attach the image; however ive edited my previous post that include the image now.


okay, but i already told you what the problem is. You need a space beween .jpg" and />


Thank you so very much @stetim94; you are a life savior :))


So on html 10. I made my fucking herf and its not happy, it wants me to do something that I've already done.


if you need help, post your code. You made herf, but it is spelled href (you swapped the r and e)


awesome thx, but now its the same problem with lesson 11 it says: "Oops, try again. Your <img src="..." /> tag is missing the src attribute." but I literally copied it exactly.


also I have both those things


Here's a screen cap what am I doing wrong?


your second image, you mispelled src


Dear @stetim94
As I move across on lesson i.e. 'One selector to rule them all' in CSS selector, i came across this error in the picture following:


ensure your browser zoom is set to 100% (ctrl + 0 (that is a zero) or cmd + 0 for mac)

Otherwise you might have hit a glith, try a different browser


@ahmee992 I think you might need a space between * and { on line 1.


@zystvan i did but that doesn't make an impact however @stetim94 was right to make default re-sizing of screen.