Html,css bug


In HTML and CSS part1 there's a bug in css in the font part exercise #5 i know the instructions say to link a google font with the html file by using the link element and href, type and rel attributes of course i linked it correctly and said i was doing it wrong i don't know why i checked like 5 times everything was correctly in place even made the own program fix it by itself correctly and had it exactly like i had (of course there were different stuff because when the program gives you the code it does everything else for you not just step by step) anyway there's a bug in that part with the linking because i also saw that the name of the font turned color green like it was an attribute and no i didn't space anything, so basically the first question to solve was to link a google font to the html file but it told me i was doing it wrong for some reason i even copied and pasted the link the instructions told me to and still wrong please tell me what was wrong or if it's a bug


Make sure you've added the type and rel values within the link properties.


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