Html Css and Python

Hi, This is sort of a general programming question.
I want to know if I can use python with HTML and CSS. I would most likely use Django and I was wondering if it is possible and if there are any good resources on completing this.

Introducing a back-end (and framework) would increase complexity, if you merely want to serve static pages, you don’t need a back-end

so the question is, do you need django an all its bells and whistles?

Hey, I want to look into back end development with databases and such. I guess my other question is will it be better if I use PHP rather than Django because with the research I’ve done it seems easier to implement with HTML and CSS, unlike python. When I say easier I mean that they work better with each other not that the actual language itself is easier

Its true that PHP can be used without a framework, where for python this would be much more difficult

does that make PHP better? Not really, just different

If you already know python, you can use python for back-end development. Or you can learn PHP, both are fine. Programming languages are just tools in the end, use the right tool for the job

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Okay, thanks!
The one thing I have a question on now is why Javascript is used in front-end development when css and html seem to do everything needed for the front-end part of a website.

JavaScript can do things, which html & css can’t. Liking loading dynamic content from the back-end, and more. Javascript can manipulate the DOM after the page being rendered

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HTML/CSS can’t do everything for the front end part of the website. That’s why bootstrap uses javascript, instead of just css. DOM manipulation after the page is rendered is a front-end task (things like slide shows, or other changes to the webpage in response to user interaction)

you don’t have to use the javascript part of bootstrap, you can also use the css only to speed up development of your website.

some basic things (animation, hover) can also be done in css, although the underlying rendering approach is different, so you might have a performance difference