Html/css 24

I’m putting in the correct code but it keeps telling me I have an error?

It asks to put in a float:left like this:
#left {
display: inline;
float: left;
width: 45%;

But it keeps telling me to add the float left and won’t let me advance.

Can anyone help?


Patricia, I just had the same issue as you with the lesson prior to that. I would suggest going through each line of your CSS to make sure you are not missing and {'s, }'s or ;'s

This is the post that helped me fix my issues, it might also help yours.

Hi try to add # to your left like that

#left {


That’s how I did it.

    float: left;
    width: 45%;

Could it be a bug in the program? If so, is there anyone I could contact at Codeacademy?

Can i see your full html and css code? It could be, you forgot a } somewhere, for example

Try to change browser.

Yes, thank you. The problem was fixed when I added some missing }s in a few places in the original code.


No problem, that is the exact issue I was having just before your issue and it was the same issue that you were having. The lesson telling you that you did not get the code right and giving you a hint as to what you forgot, but you did type that part of the code in correctly. The thanks should more go to Stetim94 as he/she is the one who saw that was the issue in my code.

How nice i get credit, thank you :slight_smile: Good to hear both your and paspencer20 issue(s) are resolved