Html & css 10/15

Hello guys, I’m trying to understand what’s missing at this command line,

line1 <a href=.“
line2 “target=”_blank”><img src="." alt=“A Brown Bear”. /.><./a>

He said that’s correct but keeps showing the message that “Special characters must be scaped” at line1 and " Tag must be paired, no start tag [ ]" at line 2.

The syntax for a link is <a href="#" target="_blank">Link</a>. I see periods here: <./a> and here: href=." There shouldn’t be periods before the / nor the ".

Next, make sure the first few words in line 2 is connected to what is on line 1 (meaning you didn’t hit enter to put those things on the next line).

In index.html, place your cursor directly after the closing tag of ordered list. Next, press the “Enter” (or “Return”) key on your keyboard a few times and then run your code. Note that there is no change in the positioning of the elements in the browser