HTML course: Form a Story project - pre-selected values

Project “Form a Story” in the HTML course:

In the “Extras” section one is asked to add “pre-selected values for each input field are mentioned”, which I somehow missed from previous parts of the course. What are the “pre-selected values” and how to add them to the code?

Thank you!

Remember that you can add a placeholder value to your form elements, as introduced in this lesson. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The extra tasks in the Story projects are:

  • Add pre-selected values for each input field.
  • Add placeholder text that contains examples for users.

What is the difference between the two?

The lesson that you linked to mentions a default value and explains it as a “pre-filled text field”. It is unclear whether this refers to the first or the second part of the task above.

The emphasis would suggest that this is a pre-set value for the value attribute, like <input type="text" name="somefield" value="pre selected">.

Placeholder text is a different attribute. :slight_smile:

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