HTML coding to link image to my Mac

I have used the following code to link a reference and image for a logo from my personal folder. I pasted the url of the image from my Mac but it doesn’t seem to work. An empty box shows up with no image. What am I doing wrong?

I have x’d out the website reference and changed name of file but the path is the same (removed a’s):

href="website url"> <img src = "file:///Users/name/Documents/Logo.png" alt="logo" style = "width:30px; height:30px;>

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I am not accustomed to Mac’s file system, though if I understand correctly, the first portion of the path should start with a drive name, eg. C D E. And it only has two forward slashes as opposed to three.

I am uncertain what this is:

Perhaps you missed typing part of an element?

In the future it may prove helpful if you post your code formatted, simply press this button:

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Thanks - adjusted to include format. I just typed in “website url” as I didn’t want to link my public profile which is what is being used for the link. I’m using a LinkedIn logo and linking that through href to my profile.


You might want to take a look at this thread, while it’s talking about a css file path contextually, all the info pertains to regular paths:

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