HTML code for Ruby

Can someone please tell me where I can learn the Ruby code (eg. params, form_for etc) that is used in the HTML view. I have completed the Ruby course but didn’t find this type of code in there.

I am having the exact same issue. It’s like the Authentication project has nothing to do with what they taught us in the Ruby course. Please update me if you have any leads on the information we need, and I will do the same for you. Cheers.

Hi Adipat and @courserunner92193,

After taking the Ruby course, you should proceed to the Learn Rails course, then the Rails Authentication course. This should help you understand everything going on here much better :slight_smile:

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That is because form_for and params are provided by rails, and not part of the standard ruby language. Someone build them. I recommend to find these in the rails guide and api

rails is a framework which provides you with certain functionality.


Thanks @zystvan. I def figured that out, am taking the Learn Rails course, and am having a great time, such a good course. Thank you guys for everything you do. I love this website, it’s simply the best resource out there in my opinion, for teaching yourself to code/ brushing up on old knowledge. So invaluable to my life right now. Cheers!

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