HTML beginner course (that i have finished)

Hello there all
Just wanted to ask all of you guys i have now finished my beginner lesson in HTML and I’m wondering where I should start my next lesson and which course i should start now as I’m confused on where to begin my new set of learning

Many thanks

Hello! Welcome to the community!

If you mean you have already finished the Learn HTML course, then the next step would be to learn how to make your webpages pretty using CSS! Give the Learn CSS course a try.

Another good idea is to practice making your own webpages outside of the Codecademy environment. I’m not sure if this cheatsheet project is only available for Codecademy Pro users, but this is a great one to practice HTML with! If you want to work on your own projects, take a look at this article about getting set up to code HTML/CSS on your own computer using Visual Studio Code.

I hope that helps a little! Good luck continuing your coding journey. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response i will definitely start the CSS course will also do some HTML learning outside the academy with cheatsheets i have saved them to help with refreshing my mind is that handy as well

Many thanks :blush:

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Nice post… I also learn HTML and CSS from this and made a hair transplant website. thanks to code academy.

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Thank you for this advice I will definitely take it on board

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