Html BASICS please help!


<!DOCTYPE html>
     	<img src=""/>
     	<img src=""align=bottom/>

SO MY PROBLEM IS i need to know how to get my second pic below the first one!



Only supported in CSS i think, sry .


But why do you need it which exercise ?


You can insert a simple break:

<img src="#"><br>
<img src="#">

<br> is obviously the break. This is a simple trick, try not to use it when making a layout for your page


I don't understand well what you want to do . In your case , the second picture should be automatically below the first one.


@dubstepshadow, this is html basic exercise 11 (link), it isn't needed, kukkanam just wants something which is not part of the exercise

@chaoki, images are inline elements. They will sit beside each other rather then above/below each other.


THANK U!! i spend half an hour looking for how in H**** to do that


Ah i already thought why not use CSS, because that makes it a bit better, and in my opinion easier.


break is also pretty simple? But yes, you can use css:

  img { display: block; }

or you can wrap your images in block elements:

  <img src="#">
  <img src="#">

There are so many options, but there is no css covered at this point in the track, so then quit a lot of explaining is required, while break is pretty self explaining.


i thought that was the problem cos i cudnt get pass this exercise but it didnt work! do u guys see what iam doing wrong with my code..? :confused:


No, the exercise wants you to use xml syntax, include a space between .jpg" and /> in both images


easier to get it perfect.. didn't finish my sentence. :smile:


yes, css gives you more control, so you can perfect it, which you can't do with a break.

But then again, quit a bit of explanation would be required


THANK U! stetim94! awesome to get help so fast here!!


Well, if you do want our help please create a new topic with your code + error message + question. There is nothing we can do with: I don't know how to finish