HTML basics, Im stuck


Ok, so after about a month or two, i come back to HTML and CSS thinking I have completed the whole course to find out only 98% of it's completed. I want to get 100%, and i realize that I am stuck on this question.

Here is my code:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src=""/>
		<img src=""/>

It says "Oops, try again", WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG!!?


html basic exercise 11/14? you need xml syntax, in other words a space between .jpg" and /> in both images


Yeah, i just read your comment in another post, thank you a lot.


Hi Okstart1234,

Do you maybe need a space between " and / in your <img> tag? I think it should look like this:

                                                          <!-- space: v -->
<img src="" />
<img src="" />
                                                                   <!-- space: ^ -->


Oops, I was too slow responding and stetim94 got here before me :)