HTML Basics III Recap isn't working (I think)


The instructions say that we have to "Change the color, size, and alignment of text using the style attribute".

As you can see from my code I didn't change the font size of the list and the text align, although it's there, did not work, but it still passed me. I didn't leave it in when I took the snip of my screen, but I had previously added the code to change the font as well and it didn't change anything in the review tab either, just like the text align didn't change anything.

FYI: I tried adding the font size code to "Elena", the same place I added the text align code.

I understand that maybe I didn't add the code correctly(did I?) but I just don't understand why it passed me if I didn't even complete the recap correctly since it's missing the required code. This leads me to believe that something other than my code is wrong here.


This is a recap exercise, you will pass no matter what. Is a exercise where you can try what you just learned (which is very good to do) but it will pass even if you put nothing. I don't know about font-size, but after your text-align is a equal sign, this should be a colon (always a colon after a style property (text-align, font-size, color)


Yep, as soon as I changed it to a colon the text aligned correctly and then I added the font and it worked correctly as well.

I understand why I passed the recap now, but it seems odd that it's a guaranteed pass. To me, this seems to reinforce incorrect programming if the person enters it incorrectly and doesn't realize it. For what it's worth I think you guys should change that.

I would like to say that I am impressed that a mod answered my question outside of normal hours, that really exceeded my expectations, thank you very much, I truly appreciate it.

I wasn't a paying student before this, but I'm really digging this place and I think I'm going to go sign up now because of this positive experience. I've tried other sites before but i feel like the way your teaching is set up is way better than the others I've tried. I'm liking code academy the best so far. Thanks again .


Good you made it to work.

Part of the moderators (including me) are volunteers, i learned to code here (this is where it all started for me) so i give codecademy something in return. What are office hours? I could be on the east side or west side of the states, who will tell? Or even Europe or Asia.

Good to hear you had such a positive experience with codecademy :slightly_smiling:


Yes, for me this is my new job until I find employment, lol.

I mentioned the hours because I read somewhere that mods are available from 8am-12pm EDT, so I thought I would have to wait until this morning to see a response. I now realize that those hours are only for access to the mods in Pro.

Wow, this is awesome that people are on here are from all around the world, very cool. keep up the good work! Thanks again.


Well, maybe you can find a job in IT :slightly_smiling:

Yes, those are for the pro mods in pro.

Yes, i have spoken to many people, with a few i talked a bit more. They come from many places. Either way, we can't go to far off topic, then we would need to make a chat :slightly_smiling: