HTML Basics III exs.13. Spantastic


i need a little help

this is my code

	"<p> This text is black, except for the word  <span>red</span>!</p>"


and i need to: Wrap the word "red" in the editor in" < span>" tags and give the "< span>"tag style="color:red". Notice how only the word between the "< span>< /span>" tags changes color!

thanky you!


You haven't done anything? If you need a syntax refresher, i recommend to go back to a certain exercise, for example this one


i can color the full line but i dont know hot to color only one word in between < span> < /span> tags


Well, simple, you add the style attribute to the span opening tag rather then the paragraph opening tag


remember the syntax exact ?

<tag style="property:value;"></tag>


well thank you :slightly_smiling:

i didnt know how to do it with span, changing the color of just one word. But now i know.


I'm having the similar problems although when I look for solutions it appears that I'm right? IDK but I can't seem to get past this part (sorry IDK how to make another thread, if that's a problem) here is my code:

<p>This text is black, except for the word <span style=color:red>red</span>!</p>


you are missing the " around where you property (color) and your vaue (red) should:

<span style="property: value">


OK. That just gets confusing cause on another part I was doing earlier (can't remember what exactly offhand) using the quotation marks was actually making it so I couldn't get through, although the example was showing with quotations. Thank you though.


Weird, all exercises should work with ", but good you made it work. Quotation marks where mandatory in this situation before html5 came around