HTML Basics III add image


What is wrong with my code?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Table Time</title>
        <h1 style="font-family:Arial">Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1>
        <a href="></a>
            <img src=""></img>    


you are missing a double quote at beginning of link and you have no text between your a tags


Thank you for your help. I have added the missing double quotes. What text do I need between tags?


Is this lesson 13 ? HTML basics Images and links ?


Try ................


Even ore Basic -- it is HTML Basics III, Introduction. How embarrassing!


You can add in any text.. Unless it specifies


Your image syntax is wrong

Images are self closing so you don't add in </img>

You just have it like this:

<img src="" />


Thank you -- I self-enclosed (see above), but still get the Oops, try again.
Make sure to put in at least two images: one regular, the other a link.

I have reset and started over more than once and can't seem to get this -- it is the href one I have messed up. I'm open to any suggestions you have.


It means that you need two images, one can be a normal image and the other you need it linked

First lets get the a tag (link) and img tag syntax

For a link:

<a href=""> <!--- Opening tag and adding your link --->
any text you want linked up <!--- the content which will be linked up --->
</a> <!--- closing your link up --->

I added in comments and separated the code between lines so its easy to understand

For an image:

<img src="http://www.anyimgurl.jpg" />

So to link up an image you will put in your img code instead of text as shown above


Thank you -- I was trying to get the second image to be clickable. Maybe in a later lesson!


You make it clickable (add a link) by adding your image between the the a tags <a href=""> add your img tag in here </a>

 `<a href=""> <!-- opening your link --> 
     <img src="http://www.anyimgurl.jpg" /> <!-- your image -->
 </a> <!-- closing your link -->`

I added in comments so you know whats going on