HTML Basics III: 12. Wrapping the <div> in <a>


Hey there. Can someone tell me please what I have done wrong with tagging? This is what I have atm.

<a href="">
<div style="width:50px; height:50px; background-color:yellow"></div>



You have it the apposite,

You need you a tags inside the div.. > </div>


But the example says it should be this way.


Can you give me the link to the lesson



I'm sorry I misread your question the first time.. You code is fine.. What error are you getting?


Oh strange, maybe it's just my computer. No error but when I click the yellow square it doesn't work. Only works if I 'Right click' then 'Open link in new tab'. Just wanted to make sure it was correct.


Not your computer, links don't open in the preview window


Ahh ok. Good to know. Thanks heaps.


as long as you can see its clickable and CodeCademy passes you than you good..


i got the same problem with u, anybody can help me?


Please create a +New Topic
With code, error and lesson