Html basics II topic 8

i have put all the things correctly but it was always telling me oops try again its look like 10px infact i have put exactly 10px without ant mistake . if anyone help me pls reply . thank you

same can someone pls help me here

Ensure your browser zoom is set to 100% (this can in most cases be achieved with ctrl + 0 or cmd + 0 for mac)

Either way, please post your code so we can double check it. If you also have a question, make you own topic

Also, ensure your browser doesn’t have a minimum font-size setting, if it does, make sure it is disabled

does anyone know the code to 9.font color on html basics II.

Well, you can try a different browser as final resort. This gives you a fresh connection. Not all:

@blogace32429, please stop replying to multiply topics, if you have a question, make your own topic. And make it count, don’t just ask for the answer. Show code and tells us the error message + question so we can help you improve your understanding of the code