HTML Basics II section 8

Hi. I am stuck. Here is my code.

<p style="font-size: 10px"> Some text for you to make tiny! </p>
	<p style="font-size: 20px"> Some text for you to make normal size!</p>
	<p style="font-size: 40px"> Some text for you to make super big!</p>

I keep getting this error.

Oops, try again. Did you set the first paragraph’s font-size to 10px? It looks like it’s 9.722221374511719px. (If you’re getting a weird decimal font size, check the Hint.)

What is the issue here? I don’t see any problems.

Does the hint say anything about screen zoom? This problem looks to be related to that. Be sure it is at 100%. (Ctrl+0 / Cmd+0).

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That fixed it. Thanks so much.

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