HTML Basics II part 8


Here is my link!

I'm not supposing to be having this problem, but I am!!! Help as immediately as you can!!! It's about the 10x style font. I would follow the instructions exactly and it keeps telling me that the font is 16 px, but it asssumes the 20x style font and 40x style font correct. Click on submit and save in the link to find out the problem if this specific problem does not make sense to you.



Except the link will check for username, so everyone sees there own code. Also, copy paste your code to the forum. The link is just so people can quickly open the exercise to test run your code.


Be aware of that edits don't give off notifications. Please copy paste your code to the forum. The default font-size is 16px, so something seems wrong with your code


hey its look like you put a 10px. like this but it was wrong you have to put 10px without a dot