HTML basics II - Making comments

<!--i saw a bird today.-->

<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

<!-- comment -->

i made line 1 into a comment, and put the proper beginning and end to it and it still says

Oops, try again. Did you turn the text on line 1 into a comment? Double check that it looks like this: <!-- Make me into a comment. -->

Try following the instruction in the error message:

Double check that it looks like this: <!-- Make me into a comment. -->

Use the example given.

I do not know what I do wrong. I made the first line into comment by following
the instructions, but I get error message every time. I need help!

I am also having this issue and have tried so many ways following exactly what is in the lesson

You forgot to add * after the first / and before the last /.

I stuck with this same problem

Exactly! i think you should use the example given
<!-- Make me into a comment. -->

i don’t know what is correct answer of this question?

Yes, it would be great if someone could tell the answer. I think I have the correct code as well and an error always shows up.

For everyone having trouble with this.

The example is very specific

There is a difference between

<!-- Make me into a comment. -->


<!-- comment. -->

Follow the instructions written, and follow them to the letter.

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