HTML Basics II Chapter 7: Making Comments

    <!-- Why won't this comment work -->

    <p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

    <!-- comment -->

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this I tried every variation that i could think of.


reset the exercise, and turn the existing text into a comment. You can't alter the text of the comment if you want to pass

Nicely formatted code :smile:


What do you mean by that?


exactly as i say, the exercise start with text in line 1 and 5, and you need to turn that text in a comment, you can't alter the text

<!-- Turn me comment -->

<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

<!-- comment -->

It is not working i am stuck on this....


the first line should be:

<!--Make me into a comment.-->


how it can not be excecuted?

But leave me visible to the user!

any idea why this code can not work?


ENJOY GUYS ......IT IS CORRECT NOW :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a problem with 7 making mine is the same as above but doesn't work


if you need help, post your code


This is brutal :sweat: Dsweat:


You cannot change the actually text. You must keep the text on the 1st line as 'make me into a comment'. Hope this helps! :smile: