HTML Basics II Bolding

I dont understand what I am doing wrong on bolding “too”.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Viva La Revolution!</title>
		<p>Do you hear the people <strong>sing</strong>?</p>
		<p>No I don't. I'm <strong>too</stong> busy eating cake.</p>

Check your spelling.

As he said check your spelling. Instead of </strong> you wrote </stong>.

oops, see what I did wrong! Thank you!

Try to get some practice finding those mistakes yourself.

HTML is not a scripting language, if you have a problem somewhere, you only need to look @ that location in your code. Most likely that is where you did something wrong. When you get into CSS, well now you have to manage your stylesheet file along with your HTML. And when you move onto JavaScript, writing your code which calls other variables & functions at other points in the same file, while also chaining logical statements & events leads you to need to scan your file to find what happened.

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