HTML Basics II 8 (Font Size) 'It looks like 16px'

For some reason on the second paragraph it doesn’t change the font from 16px. I try to make it 20px but it doesn’t change it, so when I click submit code it says this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>First font size change</title>
	    <p style="font-size: 10px;"> Some text for you to make tiny! </p>
		<p style:"font-size: 20px;"> Some text for you to make normal size!</p>
		<p style="font-size: 40px;">Some text for you to make super big!</p>

Oops, try again. Did you set the second paragraph’s font-size to 20px? It looks like it’s 16px. (If you’re getting a weird decimal font size, check the Hint.)

I think it my be a glitch but can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong that might affect why it keeps it at 16px? Just to test I tried all types or font sizes and it stayed at 16px no matter what I tried.

Please format your code so I can see it.

I removed all the first tags so you guys can see it. How do I format it like you described?

Click the link (in green above).

Ok, sorry, I figured it out. Is that better?

Yep, you are using a colon instead of an equals sign.

That worked. Thank you for your help!