HTML basics 2


i am finding the part 8 hard where you have to change the size?


Can yall help me with 9


yes I have same problem in problem 8,
it always shows
"It looks like your second paragraph's font-size is 12px instead of 10px."
but I really type 10px in my text...


i get it if you need help just tell me what part and i will help u :grin:


ahhh...I solve my problem in changing font size just by changing my browser.
when I used opera ,it didn't work.
but now I use IE,it can work,really change the font size to 10.


can u tell me the part 8 code..


i use crome the most its not bad :smiley:


I am having a problem with number 8 too. I do what it says to do and it tells me that my

tags are nested funny. It only tells me what I should not do. What should I do?