HTML basics 2 #7 making comments need help

help please? i followed the directions but its not working anyome got any ideas

show us your code and I can point out the error and assist you

I got the exercise - it is this. But we need your code @mizzmonzzter to further help.

This exercise is tricky, reset the exercise and turn the text on line 1 and 5 into a comment, don’t alter the text provided by the exercise, if you still have a problem after this, post your code

Having same problem.

Code is this (without the spaces between < and !):

< !-- This is an example of a comment -->

But leave me visible to the user!

< !-- comment -->

Oh, just found solution! The solution is to not write anything else on line 1.
Just literally make “make me into a comment” into a comment.

Well, that is what is says

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If you’re having trouble with Lesson 7 Making a Comment, reset the code. I think the problem is that the lesson is autofilling the code for you. When I reset the lesson, the code changed into editable text.