HTML Basics 2 - 13. Aligning text


HTML Basics 2 - 13. Aligning the text

I get

Oops, try again. Make sure you use 'text-align:center' for the <.h3> style attribute.

Even when I copy-paste the code from my error. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. With or without semi-colon after the CSS doesn't matter either. Have I found a bug? I haven't been able to find topics with the same problem and a solution.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Sexy background color!</title>
        <h3 style="text-align:center;">Favorite Football Teams</h3>
                <li style="text-align:left;">The Hawthorn Football Club</li>    
                <li style="text-align:center;">San Franscisco 49ers</li>
                <li style="text-align:right;">Barcelona FC</li>


Weird, your code works fine, maybe sending cached data? Try a different browser


Your remark about cached data triggered me in using ctrl-f5 and that worked :smiley: Thanks.