HTML Basics 2, 10. Font family


I got the message "Oops, try again. It looks like your second

  • 's font-size is 16px instead of 12px." Please look over my code, is i can't seem to identify the mistake.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    		<title>Loving the font changes</title>
    		<h1 style="font-family: Arial">Big title</h1>
    		 	<li style="font-family: Arial; font: 16px">This item is big Arial.</li>
    		 	<li style="font-family: Verdena; font: 12px">This item is medium Verdana.</li>
    		 	<li style="font-family: Impact; font: 10px">This item is small Impact.</li>

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    the property you need is font-size, the font shorthand won't work in this exercise


    Also, check your spelling of the Verdana typeface :slight_smile:


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