hello I stuck in lesson 8 ,,style and head'' I don;t know where is mistake when I clik submit then apprear this text - ''Oops, try again. Add a 'style' attribute to the first

tag! Set the value of this attribute to 'color:red;'''

this is my code- please help

Table Time


    <table style="border-collapse:collapse;">

<th colspan="2"; style ="color:green"; Famous Monsters and Birth Year

<th style="padding:5px;" Famous Monster
<th style="padding:5px; border-left:1px solid black"; <em style = "color:red"

Birth Year

King Kong
                <td style="padding:5px;">Dracula</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">1897</td>

                <td style="padding:5px;">Bride of Frankenstein</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">1944</td>



Make sure you're styling the correct tag.


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