HTML Basic II Part 14 Strong Words!

I am trying to make the word sing all bold and think I have followed the instructions correctly but the s is not getting bold. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hey Gabriella,

Your code looks fine, I think that the s not being bolded may be in issue with the way the font is being rendered on your computer. Are you able to try with a different computer/browser?


I meant ‘fine’ as in the s should be bolded, without checking whether it would pass the exercise or not. Stetim94’s answer below points out that it won’t pass because the question mark (?) isn’t supposed to be in the <strong> tags.

Hi, also came across this problem. The way to solve the problem is to have a space before word “s”
like < strong> sing< /strong >

When the error messages says you can only have sing between the <strong></strong> tags, it meant it. You can not have the question mark inside the strong tags

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Cheers guys - it was the question mark that was causing an issue. Stetim94 was right!

you added to sing? which is incorrect because the instructions said to add in sing, forget the question mark

sry I forgot to add strong