HTML Basic II 8.font-size problem

underneath it’s my code, sorry I can’t tell where is wrong
could someone help me?
I will be appreciated

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>First font size change</title>
		<p style="font-size 10px"> Some text for you to make tiny! </p>
		<p style="font-size 20px"> Some text for you to make normal size!</p>
		<p style="font-size 40px"> Some text for you to make super big!</p>

you are missing a colon after font-size, in all paragraphs

I rewrite it
but still
the system reply"Oops, try again. Did you set the first paragraph’s font-size to 10px? It looks like it’s 12px. (If you’re getting a weird decimal font size, check the Hint.)"
thanks for helping me stetim94

Make sure you’re not accidentally zoomed in/out? (ctrl+0 or cmd+0 to reset)

Check your zoom, if you still get error paste in your updated code

already tried ctrl-0
thanks for helping ,zainabrawat

Try refresh or switch browser’s

thank you ~~~~!!!
that works ~~

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You seem to be using chrome, chrome has a minimum font-size setting of 12px, disable it. Do a google search:
disable minimum font-size chrome

okay I will try to adjust

btw, what kind of browser will you suggest for doing these coding

Chrome and firefox are the best choice for the exercises