HTML and Javascript


I am in lesson JavaScript and DOM and I need help. I have a website that I improve whenever I learn something new. Well I found out how to put Javascript in my HTML page and so I created a .js file and put it into my Website folder. I have a line of code that gets the file and in the js file I write alert('test'); and it doesn't work. Please Help and I use textwrangler


The editor doesn't run your code so that hardly matters, however the code that you're using does matter.

Instead of saying "doesn't work" please describe what happened differently instead. Generally avoid the word work as it only makes sense when it's already known what you mean - in other words it's not useful in describing what you do mean

You might have error messages in your browser's console, so that's something to check for

If anyone else is to look then you have to show them what you're doing


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