Html and css


plz help me my css file is not correctly working on browser while and this type of results


open the html file? css file will always display code


yes i was opened the html and css file togeather same error show..plz help me i am stuck on this error


but when you open a css file in the browser, it always displays in plain text? This is not an error


I see you have a tab "My First Website" right there.

I assume that would be your HTML file. That's the file you want to look at, because that's where you'll see the results of your code.

HTML is the skeleton of your page, and all that CSS code makes it look a certain way (all the visual aspects).

CSS is just a tool to make a HTML page pretty. You need to link your CSS page to your HTML document.

Your page style.css will always just show you code. In plain text. The results of that code are shown in your HTML document, "My First Website".


I would suggest using notepad, i have no clue what is happening at all


I thibk you're misunderstanding the use of HtML and CSS


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