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I am not quite sure what the issue you are referring to is. Do you not know where to start, or? Could you provide a little more context? :slight_smile:

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Am stuck at this point for the tea cozy project, dont know how to really add the banner down after the navbar

Well, the banner would be a background-image. So, how would you go about implementing that with CSS?

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It will be background-image: url(“…/imagelocation.jpg”);

Did Codecademy add the additional . to ../imagelocation?

Otherwise, that would be the relative path if the image is in the directory directly before the accessing file.

Are you having trouble linking the image?


Way back when, a bug was found in Internet Explorer for the Mac the mitigation of same being to eliminate the requirement of quotes on the URL argument to the url() function. So the specification was changed to allow either with or without.

In the main, now that we know this would it be even necessary to create a habit of using the quotes? To be honest, when this news first hit the scene I dropped the quotes and have never used them again. in the url() argument.


It would help if we could see your file arrangement. As mentioned above, it would appear to us that image is one level up from the CSS file.

Something to keep in mind… We can place our CSS wherever we want, and our images wherever we want (recommend an images folder on the root of the site). The path to CSS background images is always relative to the directory where the CSS file resides, not the HTML page.

Succeeded now thanks alot

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