HTML and CSS Practice Ideas

Hello all,

I’m running through the HTML and CSS modules (currently ~1/3 of the way through CSS) and find myself forgetting commands. Does anyone know of any practice routines to better familiarize myself with HTML and CSS so I don’t forget what I learned a few days ago? Thanks!

Hi Ruby,

I handle learning HTML and CSS as I do with most schooling subjects–with note-taking. While learning about the different elements and tags, you could write down or type them into a separate document. This way, you’re supporting your brain’s ability to retrieve information. Plus, if you’re having trouble remembering, you’ll have an external document to refer to other than digging through a course to find what you’re looking for. And I don’t know where you are right now in your journey, but at some point, a project will come up that has you build a website using HTML and CSS that is, essentially, “notes.”

I also like to circle back to old(er) projects and implement any new information I’ve learned. Consistency is a big help, too!


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